Thursday, October 28, 2010


A year ago we wouldn't know we will meet this way.
Who knows huichian's gonna take part in exchange programme to Norway?
Who knows kian howe is the lucky one who get selected for Nottingham Malaysia Award Scholarship to do his master here in UK?

We talked, we laughed out aloud, we discussed about silly stuff (as well as serious talk on economy during dinner), we exchanged travel and life stories and we made each other cannot sleep at night.

I felt everyone has grown up since we last meet. Which is why now I have to read more and see more so i'm not left behind.

it was a real good weekend to remember.

Friday, September 24, 2010

mom, u're just so cool

[The University of Nottingham, UK]

[Nottingham city]

[ Ukulili performance in Birmingham Museum]

studying abroad in the UK is a brand new experience for me.

always being away from home makes me less homesick(actually, never homesick) and not missing home. --makes me sounds more like a sui lui bao.

then, i asked my mom if im supposed to feel bad as im not missing home. mom's reply was cool and it's the way i always like it:

(below are the exact words from mom)

"Frankly, we don really miss u (don feel bad) why??? cos when u are in kl, u were always not around most of the time too. so we are just used to not having u round the house. We just take it that u were like in sabah or trekking somewhere or jus doing some things elsewhere. So..... tis time we just hv to wait 2 years."

"I am quite lucky u girls can take care of yourself well overseas. I think it's my training to let u ppl go anywhere freely. that makes u independent. Be good there, learn more things. "

2 years vacation is just about to start!
thanks for the upbringing and i love u mom.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going for a walk. See you in July.

the miserable charlie coordinators.

Quote luying:
E=Miserable Charlie Coordinators

2 years ago, we were charlie mates, 2years later, we are charlie coords!
together-gather drenched in rain, not knowing what to do for almost an hour.
cannot shower, cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot move.

miserably sticked our butt on fallen tree, raindrops ,in red bean size, hitting on my cold body and soul.

Praying for the rain god. We thought rain god might like to have a taste of chipsmore?

there goes posing time. co-coord eunice what u doing? different pose one?!!
(wet inside out)

time passed mid night with sudden heavy downpour.
flooded campsite, clean-and-smells-good body, wet legs and itchy legs.
where to go other than squatting down with an unbrella?

there goes the most dramatic charlie group and their umbrellas bonding session.

waterfall finally and the Rs gang !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Can't believe I don't have grey's season 3.

The first thing i found out when i woke up in the morning--- I DON'T HAVE GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON 3! The second thing, complaint to amoi! blamed her why she bought season 4 instead of season 3. Listening to my complains, she got no choice but just laughed at me.
---the day started off like that. It's a bad omen to kick start a day. It's no fun to be a light bulb so i went for raleigh therapy till late night. It's porridge again but a different one and i like the kacang as well as the night.

The day before i-dun-have-my-grey's- dvd day, it's nice to hang out in borders starbucks.

The day after i-dun-have-my-grey's- dvd day, it's going to be a tiring day. Look forward to meet my familiar faces! hopefully good team work this time in my last IW(for the next 2 years).

Friday, May 14, 2010

I lost my passion.

stimulation needed badly.

On an insomnia sleepless night, suddenly i'm back to Maga Falls!

*i can hear the water gushing down*

Orion constellation on my forehead.

i mean, three pimples in a straight line due to all late sleep nights.